Orannis' Bindings are two large metal hemispheres which greatly repel each other like the same polarisations of a magnet. In The Beginning, seven of the Nine Bright Shiners bound Orannis within a metal sphere to stop it from destroying the Old Kingdom and Ancelstierre. The metal sphere was then split in two and the halves were taken to the Red Lake in the Old Kingdom and buried deep underground, beneath wards of gold, silver, lead, oak, rowan, ash, and bone. The sphere was discovered by Hedge the necromancer, who released Orannis by charging the hemispheres with lightning to reduce the repulsion. Before Orannis' third manifestation, it was bound anew by representatives of six of the bells, as well as Kibeth (The Disreputable Dog) and the Eight Bright Shiner, Yrael (Mogget).

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