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Sanar and Ryelle stand together at the Binding of Orannis.

The Clayr are one of the five bloodlines which contain the Charter. Mosrael is in the Clayr's blood. The Clayr live in the Clayr's Glacier, which is north-west of Belisaere and has formed at the source of the river Ratterlin. The Clayr are almost all female, with dark skin, blonde hair and light blue or green eyes. Individually they have the ability to See flashes of the future, but when their Sight is concentrated, as with the Nine Day Watch and other larger gatherings of those with the Sight, they are able to See more clearly and for extended periods of time. The Clayr are currently the largest Charter bloodline, numbering over fifteen hundred. Because the vast majority are female, they typically reproduce through casual relationships with ordinary men who visit their Glacier.

When the Nine Day Watch see a young girl standing among them, then this girl is awakened. They wear the clothes of an adult, have a special ceremony and are ocasionally called to be a part of the Nine Day Watch. They are now viewed as adults, whatever their age. It is at about this time that they begin to work. Most Clayr are awakened while they are young, normally around 12. Some awaken earlier and some much later. Sanar and Ryelle were 16 when they were awakened but their Sight is very strong. It is said amongst the Clayr that the later a Clayr awakens, the more powerful their sight is likely to be. However, it is possible to be born into the bloodline of the Clayr without having the Sight.

The power to See into the past is exclusive to the combination of the Clayr and Abhorsen bloodlines.

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Golden Star

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The following characters are Clayr or part Clayr, and who have been named.